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It is with great sadness that we advise Alan passed away at his home around the 15th April 2018 - Funeral 04/05/18 at 11am in Yarrawonga - Further details can be found on the facebook page

On behalf of Alan we would like to thank each and everyone of his supporters, fans and friends. Without your support Alan would not have been able to achieve what he did over the years.

Alan was an amazing person with a "CAN DO" attitude and did so much more than many of us

Thank you again - Alan Kempster Racing Committee

Colleen & Don

ABN  12451607970


Alan Kempster started riding motorcycles in his teens and began racing when he was 20 years old, but his racing career was cut horribly short just eight years later.

Twenty five years ago in 1990 Alan was involved in a tragic accident that left him without an arm and a leg.

Alan was found by a man with a mobile phone (in those days not a lot around) who called the emergency services and he was told to wrap Alan in a blanket and hold him in a bear hug until the Ambulance could get there. The man did this and so Alan survived the tragic accident but only after a lot of medical work and 9 liters of plasma. Alan spent a month in Hospital and then a year in rehabilitation learning to walk with the aid of a prosthetic leg and how to dress and feed himself with one arm.

Despite his injuries, Alan was committed to his rehabilitation and took up water skiing where he represented Australia in 5 World Championships and Won 3 but always wanted to get back on the bike, so in 2009 he bought a Kawasaki 400 race bike and modified the controls himself to enable him to ride once again. Simply riding on track days was not enough for Alan and he decided to have a go at racing once again.

Alan is a member of the Hartwell Motorcycle Club Victoria and has competed in numerous events within Australia and overseas. Club events with the Hartwell Motorcycle Club Victoria. 

Barry Sheene Festival of Speed Australia 2010 2011 2012 and 2015. 2013 Burt Munro Challenge New Zealand where he was awarded The Burt Munro Family Trophy for Competitor Of The Year. 2014 by Invitation, the Di Di Bridgestone Cup Mugello Italy for Disabled Riders. The first ever race for disabled riders only. 2014 Australia Grand Prix Philip Island support races in the 600cc class with Oilee Racing. 

There is no ‘disabled class’ for motorcycle racing in Australia so Alan races against able-bodied competitors and is well known and respected among his peers on the circuit. Alan now spreads his message of living life to the full and getting on with it through his entertaining and personable manner he is just one of those people you cannot help but like.

Thanks to Fletch for an Excellent Interview on Classic Resto's with Alan- there are adds as it is the full episode,  it is a great insight into Alan's Life.

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